Chris Hardy, Director of Supatracks Ltd – Official & Exclusive UK distributor of MOTOAIRBAG®

Chris Hardy, Director of Supatracks Ltd – Official & Exclusive UK distributor of MOTOAIRBAG®

An Australian, Chris has always been fascinated by all aspects of engineering. Following an aircraft engineering apprenticeship he has worked on onshore pipelines, offshore oil jacket construction as well as managing fleets of tower cranes and construction equipment in the UK and overseas.

During his career he became heavily involved in powered access equipment working at heights of 200m and more, again overseas as well as in the UK. In such circumstances safety was more than a buzzword – it literally was life dependent. Passionate about safety in the industry, Chris served on various committees representing the UK, resolving EN Standards for the safe design and use of access and transport platforms.

Taking his passion for engineering down a new route, in 2007 Chris formed Supatracks to meet the growing demand for terrain access specialised equipment and subsequently became the UK distributor for the world’s two leading manufacturers of such technology. Expanding the Supatracks portfolio further into safety, Chris also now distributes EZ down tailgate dampner and BestGrip tyre and boot studs.

An avid follower of F1 Chris has always been aware of the potentially lifesaving effects of good engineering design and when presented with the design and benefits of Motoairbag jackets immediately appreciated how meticulous attention to detail had provided a unique product with strong appeal at all levels of motorcycling and sought to secure the UK distributorship for the product range.

Fabio Columbo, Director Mechanical Engineering, MOTOAIRBAG

Fabio Columbo, Director Mechanical Engineering, MOTOAIRBAG

Born in 1972 in Milan, Fabio showed an early passion for mechanics and went to the Politechnico Milano University to study a masters in Mechanical Engineering, graduating in 1997. During his time there he specialised in inflatable airbag devices for motorcyclists, numerical simulations, and prototyping and crash test procedures on dummies.

Following a brief period as a motorcyclist and an Army Lieutenant in the Equestrian Artillery, Fabio was keen to explore a link between his specialised mechanical knowledge and its application in the safety field- specifically within the motorcycling and equestrian industries. Fabio started his cooperation with D.P.I. Safety s.r.l. in January 2000 and is now in charge of all elements for the industrial design of the airbag technology – prototyping, production and product development of the airbag.

A member of WG9, the European working group developing safety norms related to inflatable protections for the human body (various applications), Fabio is dedicated to ongoing research and development into the technology.

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