Motoairbag Offer Bike Safety Jacket for Training Schools

When learning to ride a motorcycle, as well as learning driving techniques and basic road safety, it is also vital that riders are made aware about the importance of protecting themselves on the roads – something that Motoairbag is hoping to do by offering its industry leading safety gear to motorcycle training schools. With motorcycles accounting for just 1% of total road traffic, but for 19% of all road user deaths, it is clear that appropriate measures need to be taken to help reduce these frightening statistics. Correct safety gear is crucial in rider protection and it is mandatory that all riders wear suitable equipment. Motoairbag, is offering a new generation of body protection that reduces the effects of impact by a factor of close to 20 times.


As the only manufacturer that meets the British Standards for this type of garment, the company, which manufactures in Milan and sells to the UK exclusively from Clackmannanshire in Scotland, is delighted to offer the safety jacket to approved driving instructors at a discounted price to help improve safety precautions and teach those learning, to protect themselves from the very start.

Chris Hardy, Director at Motoairbag UK explained, “Most recent stats have revealed an extremely high fatality and serious injury rate on UK roads of motorcyclists. At Motoairbag, we are passionate about drastically reducing these statistics and hope to help by providing training organisations with the dynamic and life saving jackets that will not only offer them enhanced protection, but also offer a clear safety message to their training candidates and get them accustomed to wearing the safety garments from early on in their riding.”

The innovative system is simply initiated by a lanyard attached to the machine of whatever type or brand. In less than 0.08 seconds, the jacket inflates to provide rigid protection across the full length of the spine from behind the helmet to the coccyx. Additionally, the Gilets can also provide massive protection for the chest. Comfortable, practical and moreover rechargeable, Motoairbag is the future of body protection for all motorcyclists.

Calum Cameron, Manager at Cameron Bike School commented, “Since engaging with Chris and the scheme we have seen a fantastic increase in learner riders taking a more enthusiastic approach to protecting themselves. We are delighted to wear the technology driven jackets ourselves, and if we can help prevent fatalities by just a fraction through doing this, we will be more than pleased to continue supporting the scheme.”

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