Unlike any other airbag jacket in the market, the MOTOAIBAG 2.0 can protect the complete spine area, from cervical zone to the coccyx, as well as the front of the body. Furthermore, if you decide to opt for the back protection initially, the front protection can be added easily at a future date.
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Covering 25 x 90cm at the back and 40 x 40cm at the front (when inflated), the MOTOAIRBAG can be worn over any clothing or another jacket. Weighing only 800g and made of the latest Cordura 500 material it is both lightweight and incredibly comfortable to wear.
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Compatible with all motorbikes, the system can be recharged easily after inflation as it is triggered mechanically, eliminating the risk of any electronic failure. With inbuilt controls to prevent inadvertent activation, MOTOAIRBAG has the fastest inflation time, longest duration of inflation and the best body coverage area available in the market, providing superior protection and comfort for the rider.
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Each vest is hand built from over 100 components, each of which is individually tested under a high quality control process, using custom built software that logs every component, detail and stage in the manufacturing process, providing total traceability.
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MOTOAIRBAG components, many of which are of military grade, are specifically sourced or hand-made in Milan, offering full supply chain control and integrity. With 8 production stations in the MOTOAIRBAG development process, each has its own quality control stage providing optimum quality control and user confidence.
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The airbag system is available made-to-measure as well as in off the shelf sizes. Existing one-piece race suits can also have a MOTOAIRBAG built in replacing ‘the hump’.

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Our airbag is the only airbag jacket that meets BSEN 1621/4:2013 Standard.

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