Motorcycle Safety – Petition to cut VAT rates on Motorcycle Safety Clothing

Independent research into motorcycle safety has shown that each motorcycle fatality (out with injuries) costs the State £1.8M. Arithmetically it would need the industry to sell nearly 6 million airbag jackets per year to recover the cost of 1 fatality to the State.

  • Last year there was 339 fatalities and 5,289 serious injuries to motorcyclists
  • Motorcycles account for 1% of all road traffic but account for 19% of all road fatalities
  • Motorcycle safety products such as motorbike helmets which must only conform to a 30 year old Standard before being approved for sale in the UK, carry a reduced VAT rating of 0%.
  • Airbag jackets that conform to a new 2013 European standard (BSEN 1621-4: 2013) still carry a VAT rating of 20%

If the government was to reduce the VAT on motorbike airbags that meet the standards then it is certain that we’d see a rise in sales of these products and in turn a decrease in serious injury and fatalities not only saving lives but also saving the state and tax payer money.

At a time of austerity, this has to be a good thing!

Please sign here to show your support.

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